SemiAquaticLIFE – Re-creating habitat complexity for semi-aquatic fauna

LIFE14 NAT/SE/000201

Projekt periode: 2016-2020

The project aims at restoring and improving the conservation status of herptiles and semi-aquatic insects in Natura 2000 sites in southern Sweden (11), Denmark (18), and northern Germany (9). The goals are to ensure viable metapopulations of species listed in Annex II-V. Another objective is to increase awareness and acceptance among stakeholders and the general public of the need for restoration actions for semiaquatic fauna and herptiles. Evaluation of pre-inventories, disease analyses (amphibians) and proper planning will ensure that the effects of restorations are long-term.

The project is financed by EU Life Nature. (Project LIFE14 NAT/SE/000201).