DRAGONLIFE – Securing Leucorrhinia pectoralis and Pelobates fuscus in the northern distribution area in Estonia and Denmark

LIFE08 NAT/EE/000257 Partners: Allerød Municipality, Denmark Hjørring Municipality, Denmark Vejle Municipality, Denmark Hillerød Municipality, Denmark Gribskov Municipality, Denmark Amphi Consult, Denmark Project duration: 2010-2015 OBJECTIVES The overall objective of the DRAGONLIFE project was to secure the small and isolated populations of yellow-spotted whiteface dragonfly (Leucorrhinia pectoralis) and common spadefoot toad (Pelobates fuscus) in the northern […]

LIFE AMPHICON – Amphibian Conservation and Habitat Restoration

LIFE18NAT/Sl/00711 PROJECT TIME FRAME: 01/11/19 – 31/12/2026 Total project budget: 8 079 824.00 € EC contribution: 4 840 514.00 € THE AMPHICON PROJECT FOCUSES ON THE AMPHIBIAN CONSERVATION AND ON IMPROVING THEIR HABITATS THE MAIN TARGET SPECIES ARE: The Annex II and IV species fire-bellied toad (Bombina bombina), yellow-bellied toad (Bombina variegata), Italian crested newt […]

SemiAquaticLIFE – Re-creating habitat complexity for semi-aquatic fauna

LIFE14 NAT/SE/000201 Projekt periode: 2016-2020 The project aims at restoring and improving the conservation status of herptiles and semi-aquatic insects in Natura 2000 sites in southern Sweden (11), Denmark (18), and northern Germany (9). The goals are to ensure viable metapopulations of species listed in Annex II-V. Another objective is to increase awareness and acceptance […]

LIFE Restorating populations of Lesser Spotted Eagle at chosen areas of Natura 2000

LIFE08 NAT/PL/000510 Projekt periode: 2010-2014 The project was carried out by the State Forests Regional Directorate in Białystok along with the Białowieża, Browsk, Dojlidy, Hajnówka, Knyszyn, Waliły and Zednia Forest Inspectorates in cooperation with The Polish Bird Protection Association, Amphi Consult, and FPP Enviro the Polish subsidiary of Amphi Consult. The main goal of the […]